Relax in the Hills - Life outside the City

When you have a lot on at work it is easy just to lost in the world of work and never have time to spend with friends and family, however it is extremely important to get away from the hustle and bustle of 9 to 5 and perhaps look at woodland breaks for a break away. They can be a great alternative to city breaks and can leave you feeling all refreshed again.  

A Lot Of Land In The Countryside

One of the best things about having a holiday home in the countryside is the amount of land you will typically have. Having a lot of land allows you to do a lot of outdoor activities, including camping, horseback riding, bike riding and much more.

Many Choices When It Comes To Cottages

If you are interested in renting a cottage in England's countryside, you will be pleased to know that you have many options to choose from. That is another benefit of the countryside. If you want a small cottage located at the end of a mountain complete with fold out wall beds for that cosy feel, you are likely to find it. Maybe you want a very large home with a lot of land and near wooded area, as well as views of an ocean or lake? It doesn't matter what you are wanting, the chances are you will find it in the countryside.

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Outdoor Activities

As previously mentioned, if you rent a place with a lot of land, you can do many outdoor activities. However, even if you get a cottage that doesn't have a lot of land, you will still be able to enjoy taking part in various outdoor activities. Some of these activities include camping, cycling, swimming, hiking, sports, fishing, boating and much more. If you love the outdoors and like to spend a lot of time being outside, you should definitely consider a home in the countryside.

It's Affordable

It is common knowledge that when you live near or in a big city, such as London or Manchester, you could end up paying a lot of money in rent. This is rarely the case with rentals in the countryside. You might be surprised at how far your money will go when it comes to what your options are for cottages you can rent or buy in the countryside.

It's Fun For The Entire Family

Another reason why you should consider a holiday home in the countryside of England is because your entire family will love it there. There are many things to do and see in the countryside, and this means there is something for everyone in your family. Even if you are married with no kids, you will find the countryside to be romantic and offer you and your partner a lot of different things.

If you have never considered getting a holiday home or cottage in the countryside, then now is the time to start considering it. The sooner you look into getting a holiday home in England's countryside, the sooner you will enjoy the benefits it has to offer.